"DCL has consultants who regularly travel all over Australia helping lift companies to solve their mechanical breakdown problems"

about us

Situated in our modern manufacturing facilities covering 8,400 sq. meters, DCL Engineering Group will look after your sheave requirements in either the traction or diverter sheaves.

what sort of technology are we talking about?

  • Advanced CAD/CAM and design equipment - directly interfaced to the machinery.
  • CNC lathes and mills.
  • Portable CMM ±0.05mm accuracy.
  • Latest in metal spraying technologies, HVOF, Arc Spraying, PTA and fuse coatings.

world-class quality and experience

  • Skilled tradesmen producing high quality results effectively and efficiently.
  • Inspection department carrying out systemised tests and checks ensuring absolute conformity with the specifications.
  • Knowledge of specialised machinery from a wide range of lift manufacturers.

DCL Engineering Group

Gearbox repair, large machining capacities and metal spraying facilities - the only complete One Stop Shop.

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